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Languages I know
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A brief introduction

I started working as a Chegg expert at the end of 2023, specializing in chemistry through my expertise in prompt engineering.
In addition to my professional experiences, I actively participated in various seminars, hackathons, science fairs, code competitions, and essay writings. I have received certificates for my active participation in these events.
Awarded a cash prize for winning an online quiz related to mobile advertisement in Amazon.

My skill set includes proficiency in Java, J2EE, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and MySQL. These technical skills, combined with my experience in marketing, Chegg expertise, and active participation in various events, have contributed to a well-rounded skill set. I look forward to utilizing these skills and experiences in future endeavors.

I aim to cultivate a foundational understanding in every facet of the software industry to proficiently manage diverse projects. My primary focus is to immerse myself in all facets of the software industry, encompassing areas such as security, database management, web development, software development, and app development. This commitment to acquiring basic knowledge across different domains ensures adaptability and competence in overseeing a wide range of projects within the software industry. I am on an ongoing journey of endless learning, embracing every opportunity and learning from mistakes at every turn. This commitment to continuous growth propels me to explore and gain expertise in diverse domains within the dynamic field of software development.

I have developed various codes, including the structure for password changing in Python. Additionally, I created a mathematics quiz website tailored for primary school students, utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These projects showcase my proficiency in both Python programming and web development technologies.

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